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domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

A new adventure...European Language Portfolio

The Council of Europe and the European Language Portfolio
Ireland is a member of the Council ofEurope, which makes
 it part of afamily of 45 countries stretching all
the way from Iceland to Azerbaijan.The millions of young people 
who live in those countries share many
experiences and interests, but also have different languages, cultures and histories.
The Council of Europe aims to help you to understand and respect
 other people and the things that make them different. Your European Language Portfolio is designed to help you learn new languages and understand new cultures.
The ELP allows you
•to record what you can do in languages, including your mother tongue
•to understand what you need to learn so that you can join in all the
classes and activities in your school
•to record what you have learnt well and what you need to study more
•to organize your work so that you can use it to remind yourself about
what you have already learnt
•to help you learn the English that you need for other school subjects
•to tell your class teacher what you are able to do in English
•if you change your school, to show your new teachers what you can
already do in English
The ELP allows your teachers
ƒto see what languages you already know
ƒto help you plan what you need to learn
The ELP allows your parents
•to see how you are progressing in learning languages

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