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viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


Along this school year, the students of 5º Grade of Primary are working in a project called: "Seeds of Hope". We are joining with two schools: Waterman Primary from England and C.P.I Curros Enriquez from Pazos de Borben.

These are the cornerstone of our project:

Topics: • Local agriculture& Maps • Healthy food • Sustainable farms • Our environment • Benefits of ecological farming All the contents will be worked interdisciplinary in order to learn in an integrated way. We want to facilitate connections with previous knowledge and between subjects so students will find it easier to learn and acquire skills and content .

 All our activities we upload to e twinning platform but we would like to show you some of them.
 We work hard but at the same time we are really interested on them.
 They wrote this song about their feelings in relation to this project. We had a fun time... 
  A piece of e twinning for alll of you.

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